Interim Management

The need for temporary management may be the result of a crisis situation within a company, a vacant position that takes more time to fulfill
than expected, a temporary strengthening of the management, or a special project, for which you need a specialist. Winds of Change offers you the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience which it has built up in different sectors of predominantly the financial services industry. This knowledge and experience has been obtained in a number of different countries over the course of several years, with entities that have faced a variety of different challenges. This array of practical knowledge will allow Winds of Change to adapt quickly and adjust to new environments, which is beneficial for temporary management.

Project Management

Winds of Change has built up significant experience in understanding customer needs, developing a feasible project plan, mobilizing the necessary resources and delivering the project to the set objectives. Making sure that a project remains in control and on track, is essential since every project is truly unique, presenting us with new and complex challenges that need to be overcome in order to establish that the project is delivered on-time, on-budget, and of the highest quality. In order to accomplish this, we will make sure that the project is initiated, planned, executed, monitored, controlled, and closed to perfection.
During the different phases of the project, the communications with all project sponsors and stakeholders are critical to the success of the project.
Winds of Change has specific expertise in the area of leading new initiatives (start ups), mergers and acquisitions, divestments, supervising a change, or implementation processes.

Restructuring & Recovery

When a company is experiencing serious problems and its continuity is at risk, expert help is urgently required, since precarious situations can lead to missed market expectations, reduced operating profit or severe cash problems. Early detection and swift, decisive actions are essential when restoring the future performance and value of a company. Winds of Change has the experience to be pragmatic and focused on problem solving in crisis situations.
After an assessment of the status of the company has been completed (using a 'quick scan') a proposal will be drafted illustrating what can and/or should be done to relieve accompany of its crisis situation. In collaboration with the entrepreneur or management the proposed solutions can be implemented in the company. Winds of Change has also knowledge and experience regarding the structuring of commercial real estate loans as well as the refinancing or restructuring of existing loan facilities.

Consultancy services

Winds of Change's is an independent, and unbiased, contractor that offers its services to your company in order to allow the company to run and perform tasks more efficiently and effectively.
These services, include:
 Working alongside senior management on strategy development, improvement and implementation of processes and tasks
 Change management and coaching skills
 Strategy development
 Performance improvement through analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement

In cooperation with Ecopower International BV, a privately held development and advisory firm in Curacao with a focus on renewable energy-related opportunities (, the following services are being offered:
 Sustainable performance management; effectively measure and manage the performance of your sustainability initiatives.
 Energy management; maximize energy efficiencies and reduce your energy costs.