About Us

Winds of Change has the capability to handle assignments for organizations in the financial services industries and can combine our specialist expertise with fastidiousness and efficiency to provide an exceptionally responsive and effective service. Winds of Change approaches each assignment with an innovative eye, dedication and steadfastness. Seeing the bigger picture while keeping an eye on the details is how we engage your strategic issues. Gijsbert van Doorn is an experienced and credentialed senior executive, who is prepared to fill the void when client companies face leadership, financial or operational challenges.
If you are interested in exploring how Winds of Change can help you to meet the challenges your organization is currently facing, please do contact us for more information or for an appointment.
We provide our services on the basis of an hourly fee, a fixed price or a success fee depending on the type of activity or duration of the project, as every project is specifically tailored to each scenario and requirements of the client and always with a personal touch.