Company- and projectfinancing

Winds of Change is an independent and objective party that offers its services to assist clients with arranging the financing of their project, company or transaction. Through an extensive network of financial institutions, senior debt, junior debt, and equity-instruments (including crowdfunding and risk-capital) can be arranged for projects and companies in various sectors.
The sectors in which Winds of Change has specific expertise are renewable energy (PV, wind, district cooling, biomass), circular economy, technological innovators, insurance, banks, real estate development, hotels and new initiatives / start-ups.

Strategic sparringpartner

Winds of Change offers you the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience which it has built up in various sectors in a number of different countries over the course of several years, with entities that have faced a variety of comparable challenges. This array of (practical) knowledge will allow Winds of Change to adjust quickly and adapt to new environments, which is beneficial for clients.

Winds of Change has specific expertise in the area of leading new initiatives (start-ups), mergers and acquisitions, divestments, supervising a change, or implementation processes, and work alongside senior management on strategy development, improvement and implementation of processes and tasks.
Winds of Change for example has knowledge and experience in the (re-)structuring of commercial real estate loans, as well as the refinancing or restructuring of existing loan facilities for large European banks.